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COVID - 19 On-Set Protocols

Source: NBC - Colleen Hayes

Traditionally, film and television sets have always required a system of strong collaboration. This oftentimes meant groups of people working in close proximity to one another for extended periods of time. While this system of collaboration is still an important part of the process, COVID-19 has presented a unique production challenge. We are now in a position where we must rethink decades-old practices and update them to meet the needs of ever-evolving health and safety recommendations. After all, while we are always committed to a high-degree of efficiency and creativity on-set, our number one priority is the health and safety of our cast and crew members.

Over the course of the past few months, Alibi Content has been carefully monitoring new developments regarding health and safety recommendations and has been participating in discussions with other industry professionals. As the film and television industry begins to ramp-up once again, we are committed to implementing the following measures to ensure that everyone on-set can work safely and efficiently:

Declaration of Health

Prior to working on-set, we will ensure that all cast and crew members provide us with updated health information. Anyone intending to be on-set/location will be required to sign an affirmation/declaration of their health status before beginning work. Health standards and protocols will be communicated verbally and in writing before work begins.

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PPE and Disinfectant

Masks will be mandatory on-set at all times, as well as booties in private homes. The production will supply masks to anyone who doesn’t have their own. In addition to masks, the production will also supply hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectants.

Strict Social Distancing

Social distancing will be observed on-set and will be in accordance with public health guidelines (2m/6ft). When social distancing cannot be practiced, additional non-medical PPE must be worn.


All equipment and surfaces will be disinfected at the beginning and end of each workday. Shared equipment, such as props, will be disinfected after each use. If certain equipment cannot be disinfected, we will opt for an alternative item. With regards to audio equipment, we will prioritize the use of boom microphones over lavalier microphones whenever possible. All employees are expected to disinfect personal items, such as laptops and phones, on a regular basis.

Source: Unsplash - Samuele Errico Piccarini


All personnel will travel to and from set on their own, using a personal vehicle. Appropriate accommodations will be made if the cast or crew member is unable to drive themselves.

Health and Safety Representative

Each set will have a designated health and safety representative. Their job is to ensure that all COVID-19 safety and health guidelines are being met on-set, on-location and in production offices.


Additional waste bins will be available on-set to ensure that all cleaning materials and PPE are properly disposed of. Garbage will be removed from the set as soon as possible.

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We will try to ensure that all facilities have running water for frequent hand washing. We will encourage a single point of entry and strongly discourage personnel from exiting and re-entering the premises. When possible, we will ensure that facilities have separate, designated entrances and exits.

Craft Services

Craft services and meals will be individually-served. All personnel must socially distance while eating and will only be allowed to eat with other members of their department. Outdoor eating spaces will be provided whenever possible.

Safe Set Certification

All personnel are encouraged to complete the Safe Sets International COVID-19 Certificate Course. The course is designed to educate professionals about the virus, how it’s spread, and the safety measures and best practices that should be followed to ensure the safety of everyone on-set.

For more information about on-set guidelines that are being followed around the world you can visit this link.

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