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The Importance of Great Talent

It’s true what they say: a first impression sets the stage for the remainder of an encounter. Likewise, when producing content, the importance of a great first impression cannot be understated. In the realm of branded content, talent is the key to establishing an impactful first impression. The right talent fit can elevate a brand, while functioning as a human embodiment of its values. The role of talent in branded content is invaluable.

In order to make an impactful impression, it is necessary to consider the importance of talent (Source: Unsplash)

A great brand-talent fit can be seen in CPG brand, Butterball’s, 2019 series “Around the World in 8 Meals”. The series, exploring various global cuisines, tapped celebrity chef and TV personality, Shahir Massoud, to host audiences through the culinary journey. Already known for his work on CBC talk series “The Goods”, and countless appearances on daytime television programs, Shahir ported a built-in audience for Butterball to leverage. His real-world experience as a trained chef established trust and credibility amongst the audience, emphasizing Butterball’s pursuit of authenticity and honesty. While exploring the various cuisines, Shahir allowed the various home cooks to take the lead and share their own tips, tricks, and unique cultures so that both he and the at-home audience could learn something new. In doing so, Shahir functioned as both an embodiment of Butterball and the at-home audience.

Shahir Massoud - host of Butterball & Gusto TV's "Around the World in 8 Meals" (2019)

Much like Shahir’s partnership with Butterball, HGTV designer-contractor, Brian McCourt, brought a similar sense of credibility to a recent collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. Already an established home renovation and design expert, Brian hosted a series of short-form digital DIY videos in support of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and ReVive Centre. While Brian proudly shared his love and support of the brand, Habitat shared their messaging with his already-existing core audience.

Brian McCourt - host of Habitat For Humanity's "DIYs" (2018)

In the end, the relationship between a brand and talent should always be symbiotic. The relationship should be mutually-beneficial and should facilitate content creation that speaks to a given audience in a truly engaging, authentic, and meaningful way.

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